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Behringer Eurocom MA4000M console de mixage pour installations fixes

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Behringer Eurocom MA4000M console de mixage pour installations fixes Référence: B-MA4000M Garantie : Vous bénéficiez de 5 ans de garantie sur ce produit avec inscription, et d'1 an sans inscription.


The Behringer MA4000M is a versatile multifunctional 8-channel from the new EUROCOM line. It was specially designed for use in installations such as broadcasting and music systems, making it ideal for conference halls, houses of worship, universities and in the restaurant industry. The MA4000M is equipped with a number of setting and connection possibilities and delivers an outstanding performance that's well worth the investment. And, because it's Behringer, you're investing only a fraction of what other brands would ask for.


A unique, practical design


Along with being sleek and modern, the design of the MA4000M is also super practical. The most important controls, such as the power switch, EQ controls and the input volume control are hidden behind a creatively designed fold-down panel, which offers optimal protection for the more sensitive buttons and knobs when the MA4000M isn't in use. Two particularly interesting features are the LED VU meter and the coloured LED ring around the master volume, that latter of which turns yellow when the device is on, and red if an overload should occur.


MA4000M: earth-friendly


The Behringer MA4000M installation mixer combines a fresh, modern aesthetic with innovative technology. With a keen eye for reliability, Behringer has equipped the MA4000M with high-efficiency electronics, resulting in significantly lower power consumption and operating costs.


The MA4000M also has a lower carbon footprint than conventional products with older technology, which makes it very well suited for LEED certified applications.


Caractéristiques du produit

  • Nombre d'auxiliaires 0
  • Nombre de canaux ligne 8
  • Nombre de canaux micro 4
  • Nombre de submasters 1
  • Catégorie Sono
  • Compresseur sur les entrées non
  • Crossfader non
  • Ducking non
  • Égaliseur 2 bandes
  • Compatible faderstart non
  • Sortie casque oui
  • Entrée jack (6,35 mm) + XLR + RCA
  • Lecteur audio intégré non
  • Effets intégrés non
  • Indicateurs de niveau sur les entrées non
  • Indicateurs de niveau sur les sorties crête LED
  • Hauteur de rack 2 U
  • Sortie RCA, euroblock
  • Réglage du volume boutons rotatifs

Poids et les dimensions sont indiqués avec l'emballage inclus

  • Poids (emballage inclus) 5,0 kg
  • Dimensions (emballage inclus) 58,0 x 43,0 x 19,0 cm


  • 8-channel installation mixer 
  • ideal for use in installations
  • sleek, modern black design
  • master volume with illuminated LED ring 
  • inputs 1 and 2: balanced XLR/TRS connectors and 4-pin euroblock connectors 
  • inputs 3 and 4: balanced XLR/TRS connectors and 3-pin euroblock connectors 
  • inputs 5 through 8: balanced 3-pin euroblock connectors 
  • line outputs 5-8: 2x RCA connector, balanced 
  • tel/page input: balanced 4-pin euroblock connector 
  • phantom power: 24V DC, switchable for channels 1 through 8 and tel/page input 
  • output 1 and 2: balanced 3-pin Euroblock connector 
  • Zone 2 MOH output: 2x unbalanced, RCA 
  • record output: 2x unbalanced, RCA 
  • remote, volume, power, mute: 5-pin euroblock connector 
  • remote DC power: 2-pin Euroblock connector 
  • inputs 1 and 2 mute control terminals: 4-pin Euroblock connector 
  • tel-page input mute control terminal: 4-pin Euroblock connector 
  • indicators: LED VU output meter (green), power indication LED (yellow), overload/safety (red) 
  • AC power supply: 115 - 240 VAC / 50-60 Hz 
  • DC power: 24V DC, 3A 
  • work temperature: -10° C to +40 ° C 
  • cooling: passive cooling with backup ventilator 
  • housing: steel, trapezoidal, black finish
  • front plate: ABS plastic, glossy finish
  • included: rack mounting, power cable, euroblock connectors


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