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The Hot Shoe Extension by Rycote is an indispensable accessory for those who would like to mount a video mic or light on their camera. Fit for 3/8-inch thread.
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Do you want to mount your portable recorder on a microphone stand or boom pole? Why not use the ergonomically designed Soft Grip Extension Handle by Rycote?! Compatible with InVision Suspension Mounts.
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5 semaines
25,00 €

L'adaptateur Hot Shoe Extension de Rycote vous permet de fixer différents accessoires sur votre appareil photo ou pied de micro. Très pratique !

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With this 3/8-inch hot shoe adapter by Rycote you can easily fasten your audio or video recorder with a 1/4-inch thread to a microphone stand, boom pole or camera hot shoe.
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There was already a Rycote InVision system for small shotgun microphones, for instance, but this Invision shock mount is suited for large-diaphragm recording mics!
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3 semaines
60,00 € | Sennheiser G4