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HK Audio Elements configuration audio 4x E435 et 2x E110

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HK Audio Elements configuration audio 4x E435 et 2x E110 Référence: 9000-0005-3525 Garantie : Vous bénéficiez de 5 ans de garantie sur ce produit.


The complete Elements Audio set by HK Audio consists of two subwoofers, four speakers, matching covers and all the cables you need. The E110 Sub A active subwoofer has an internal Class-D amplifier that will really enhance your bass tones. The E435 passive speakers are responsible for the high frequencies that range from 140 Hz to 20 kHz. The well-made protective covers make sure the quality and durability of this set lasts as long as possible, and with the included XLR cables, all you need to do is plug it in you're good to go!

Powerful subs, bright highs

The E110 Sub A has a 600-watt internal amplifier (4 ohms) with a continual output capacity of 250 watts RMS and a nominal impedance of 10 ohms. On the rear of the sub, you'll find all the connection options you need. The audio signal is sent through to the HK Audio Elements E435 passive speakers via the E-connect system, which is integrated into the stand flange at the top of the sub. The speakers, which are responsible for the mids and highs, boast a powerful 70-degree audio dispersion.

Protection and connectivity

The HK Audio Elements gig bag is designed to hold four E435 speakers. It's made of durable nylon and is built to last. The two handles make it easy to manage and it's equipped with a felt lined interior and a rugged zipper. The two covers for the E110 subwoofers offer the same type of protection. To complete the set, HK Audio have included two high-quality Klotz XLR cables so you can hook everything up right away.


Caractéristiques du produit

  • Nombre de caissons de basse 2
  • Nombre de satellites 4
  • Actif ou passif actif
  • Set d'enceintes livré avec câble(s) d'enceinte, housses / étuis

Poids et les dimensions sont indiqués avec l'emballage inclus

  • Poids (emballage inclus) 52,6 kg


2x HK Audio Elements E110 Sub A active subwoofer

  • active subwoofer
  • 10-inch woofer
  • built-in class-D amplifier (600W, 4 ohms)
  • continual output capacity bass tones: 250W RMS
  • nominal impedance bass tones: 10 ohms
  • continual output capacity high tones: 300W RMS
  • nominal impedance bass tones: 8 ohms
  • frequency range: 45 – 150 Hz
  • connections: 1x SpeakOn input, 1x SpeakOn output, 2x E-Connect output
  • RMS limiter
  • subsonic filter
  • built-in stand flange with integrated E-Connect system
  • dimensions: 360 x 480 x 460 mm
  • weight: 19 kg
  • colour: black

4x HK Audio Elements E435 mid/high passive speaker

  • mid/high passive speaker
  • 4x 3.5-inch full-range driver
  • dispersion angle: 70° horizontal
  • nominal impedance: 16 ohms
  • continuous power handling: 150W RMS
  • frequency range: 140 - 20,000 Hz (-10 dB) via integrated system filter
  • sensitivity: 97 dB / 1 W
  • crossover frequency: 140 Hz, 12 dB filtering
  • connectors: 1x E-Connect in and 1x E-Connect out
  • colour: black
  • dimensions (WxHxD): 110 x 465 x 120 mm
  • weight: 2.35 kg

1x HK Audio Elements gig bag for 4x E435 or 2x E835 speakers

  • suitable for 4x E435 or 2x E835 passive speakers
  • made of durable nylon
  • 2x rugged handles
  • felt lining
  • zipper
  • dimensions: 230 x 785 x 170 mm (WxHxD)

2x HK Audio Cover E110 Sub protective cover for E110 subwoofer

  • robust protective cover
  • suitable for HK Audio Elements E110 and E110 A subwoofer
  • offers protection during transport
  • HK Audio logo
  • padded interior
  • openings for handles
  • material: synthetic
  • colour: black

2x Klotz M2FM1-1000 Neutrik XLR 3P – XLR 3P 10m mic cable

  • ultra-durable, accurate microphone cable
  • extra-strong sheathing
  • cable length: 10 m
  • colour: black
  • core gauge: 0.22 mm2
  • cable type: Klotz MC2000 high-grade microphone cable
  • connectors: female XLR - male XLR
  • Neutrik connectors


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