Countryman B6 lavalier omnidirectionnel, W5, couleur L, mini-jack

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Countryman B6 lavalier omnidirectionnel, W5, couleur L, mini-jack Référence: 9000-0005-8498 Garantie : Vous bénéficiez de 5 ans de garantie sur ce produit.


Countryman manufacture high-end microphones for professional users. Their products are all acoustically transparent. For theatre, film and TV professionals, it is important that the sound of the right sound source is picked up clearly and accurately for an identical reproduction. The B6 omnidirectional lavaliers can do this like no other!

B6 lavalier microphone

With its diameter of 2.5 mm, the Countryman B6 is thinner than the cables of most other lavaliers, and we can therefore rightfully call it the smallest lavalier mic in the world (add Jeremy Clarkson voice). Despite this, the microphone provides excellent sound quality and it is highly robust. If you use the accessory protective sleeves, it is moisture, sweat and make-up resistant. The cable is reinforced with Aramid, which means that it is lightweight, has incredibly high tensile strength, little stretch and is resistant against high temperatures. These qualities make this lavalier well-loved with audio professionals. In any application where the mic should not be clearly visible, this small mic comes in handy. Think of applications in theatre, film, TV, interviews, houses of worship and any other situation - this David will always crush Goliath!


The accessory protective sleeves let you change the frequency response. Dependent on your choice of sleeve, you will have a response of +8 dB, +4 dB or +0 dB, at 15 kHz. This way, you will be able to change the sparkle and presence of the sound, so that you can adjust the B6 to the application and the other mics that you are using. The B6 by Countryman comes in three different colours, so that you can match it with any type of clothing, hair and skin colour.

Versions in our assortment


Pickup pattern:



  • W4 for speech, when used as tie-clip on the chest
  • W5 for speech and vocals, fit for theatre when worn on the head or in the hair


  • L: Light Beige (pale white skin colour)
  • T: Tan (beige, medium white skin colour)
  • B: black


  • TA4F: for Shure PG1, PGXD1, SLX1, ULX1, UR1, UR1M (among others)
  • TA3F: for AKG PT40, PT60, PT61, PT80, PT81, PT2000, PT4000 (among others)
  • LEMO3: for Shure products (among others)
  • 3.5mm mini jack: for Sennheiser Evolution Series, EW100, EW300, EW500, G2, G3, SK 1093 (among others)
  • Specifications
  • small, light lavalier microphone
  • suited for singing and speech applications
  • nigh invisible
  • weight: 2 grams
  • resistant against moisture, make up and sweat
  • Aramid cable: high tensile strength, little stretch, lightweight and resistant against high temperatures

Configuration of this set: B6W5FF05LSR

Type B6

Sensitivity W5

Standard Designation FF05

Colour L

Connector SR

  • pickup pattern: omnidirectional
  • frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
  • operating current: 500 µA
  • operating voltage: 1 to 2 volts
  • power supply voltage: +3V with 2.7 kOhms, +5V with 6.8 kOhms, +9V with 15 kOhms
  • sensitivity: W5: 7.0 mV/Pascal (grey band)
  • acoustic noise: W5: 29 dBA
  • max. SPL: W5: 130 dB SPL

delivered with:

  • storage sleeve
  • 1 black and 1 white cable clip
  • windscreen
  • 3 protective sleeves

Remarques et conseils sur ce produit

  • When in doubt about the colour, you are usually better off getting a slightly darker version. Too light a version might look like a scar.
  • See picture 4 for the right colour.


Caractéristiques du produit

  • Connexion bodypack jack 3,5 mm
  • Impédance du micro > 1000 ohms
  • Filtre anti-pop inclus oui
  • Longueur du câble 150-199 cm
  • SPL max. 120 dB - 129 dB
  • Fréquences max. 20 - 20,9 kHz
  • Fréquences min. 20 - 21 Hz
  • Directivité du micro omnidirectionnel

Poids et les dimensions sont indiqués avec l'emballage inclus

  • Poids (emballage inclus) 160 gr
  • Dimensions (emballage inclus) 22,0 x 11,0 x 3,0 cm


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