Shure WBH53B micro casque omnidirectionnel

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Shure WBH53B micro casque omnidirectionnel Référence: TM-WBH53B Garantie : Vous bénéficiez de 5 ans de garantie sur ce produit.


The WBH53 is a fully adjustable headset microphone that can be positioned precisely, to allow for optimal sound quality. The omnidirectional pickup pattern ensures that everything around the microphone is picked up, so that you will be able to enjoy a clear reproduction of the original sound source(s). The microphone is fit for all applications where a discrete look and good sound have to go hand in hand, like musicals, plays and other performances.

This WBH53 is very comfortable to wear, thanks to the lightweight, modular headband and the latex-free earpads. The frame can be completely adjusted to your requirements, as the frame is made of a flexible, solid material. The microphone is also attached to this same materials, so that you can also easily position the microphone precisely in front of your mouth. This means that you will be able to enjoy optimal comfort as well as great sound quality!


Caractéristiques du produit

  • Connexion bodypack TA4F/TQG
  • Impédance du micro non spécifié
  • Casque inclus non
  • Filtre anti-pop inclus oui
  • Longueur du câble 150-199 cm
  • Couleur noir
  • SPL max. 140 dB - 149 dB
  • Fréquences max. 20 - 20,9 kHz
  • Fréquences min. 20 - 21 Hz
  • Directivité du micro omnidirectionnel
  • Résistant à l'humidité non

Poids et les dimensions sont indiqués avec l'emballage inclus

  • Poids (emballage inclus) 2,0 kg
  • Dimensions (emballage inclus) 27,7 x 21,3 x 11,7 cm


  • comfortable, latex-free Dynaflex ear pads
  • thin frame, shape completely adjustable
  • ultra-thin detachable microphone mount, can be worn on the left and the right
  • replaceable frequency range caps (middle or high)
  • 2 foam windscreens included
  • clothing clip for fastening of the cable
  • corrosion-free
  • easy to clean
  • connector: TA4F
  • carrying pouch included for protection during transport
  • frequency range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • pickup pattern: omnidirectional
  • signal-to-noise ratio: 55 dB @ 94dB SPL
  • max. SPL: 142 dB
  • dynamic range: 103 dB
  • cable: 1.5 m
  • weight: 35 g (microphone)
  • colour: B (black)


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