GoPro DGMAAMRAD-001 fixation amovible pour instruments de musique

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GoPro DGMAAMRAD-001 fixation amovible pour instruments de musique Référence: 9000-0010-8172 Garantie : Vous bénéficiez de 5 ans de garantie sur ce produit.


As a musician, making visual recordings of yourself playing isn't the easiest thing in the world. GoPro has made it much easier though with these innovative adapters. You can use them to quickly and easily mount your GoPro camera to a guitar, drums, turntable, keyboard, or any other instrument. It creates an opportunity to share your show in a fresh visual way and leaves you free to focus on the music during the performance. The adapter is also really easy to remove from your instrument thanks to the glue strips, which also ensure that your instrument won't be damaged.

Remarques et conseils sur ce produit

  • Please note: the GoPro camera and accessories in the pictures are not included.


Poids et les dimensions sont indiqués avec l'emballage inclus

  • Poids (emballage inclus) 200 gr
  • Dimensions (emballage inclus) 21,0 x 18,0 x 3,0 cm


  • adapter for instruments
  • for GoPro camera
  • ideal for e.g. guitar, drums, spin table or keyboard
  • easy to remove
  • safe for your instrument 
  • includes two disposable glue strips 
  • includes three reusable adapters


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