Rycote Softie bonnette anti-vent 12cm

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Rycote Softie bonnette anti-vent 12cm Référence: 9000-0006-3598 Garantie : Vous bénéficiez uniquement d'une garantie contre tout défaut de fabrication sur ce produit.


Use a windscreen to protect your microphone from wind and noise, as well as dust, dirt and the like. It´s an indispensable accessory if you want to create noiseless professional audio recordings. Rycote´s Softie is a user-friendly slip-on windshield that's made of acoustic foam and synthetic fur. The Softie is an industry standard for TV recordings all around the world. This is the 12cm version.

Softie: available in different sizes

The Softie comes in 9 different lengths - for most popular shotgun microphones you can find a Softie windshield. We often see the Softie in combination with directional, condenser, ribbon or camera microphones, for instance. There are two different diameters available - 19-22 mm and 24-25 mm - and two types of fur (standard and short). This product features the standard version for microphones that are shorter than 12 cm, with a maximum diameter of 19 to 22 mm.

40dB wind reduction

The acoustic foam as well as the synthetic fur are designed specifically for wind protection, resulting in a wind noise suppression of up to 40 dB that does not have any deleterious effect on the HF range. As the foam is UV and moisture-protected, it will last you a long time! A special rubber end cap allows for secure fastening. The Softie is a super-durable product, that allows offers perfect protection under extreme weather circumstances.

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Caractéristiques du produit

  • Diamètre bonnette anti-vent (intérieur) 20 - 24 mm
  • Couleur gris
  • Set non
  • Bonnette anti-vent pour micro petite membrane / canon

Poids et les dimensions sont indiqués avec l'emballage inclus

  • Poids (emballage inclus) 200 gr
  • Dimensions (emballage inclus) 30,0 x 11,0 x 9,0 cm


  • pare-vent/bonnette anti-vent pour microphone
  • compatible avec micros canon d’une longueur maximale de 12 cm, par ex. Panasonic AG-MC200G, Sony - BVP5/BVP7, Sony - BVP537, Sony – BVW
  • mousse souple à cellules ouvertes
  • pour micros : Ø 19 – 25 mm
  • poids : 0,08 kg
  • poids brut : 0,14 kg


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