Briteq Powerpixel4-RGB quadruple projecteur à LED

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Briteq Powerpixel4-RGB quadruple projecteur à LED Référence: 9000-0004-9763 Garantie : Vous bénéficiez de 5 ans de garantie sur ce produit.


The Powerpixel4-RGB is a powerful LED light effect equipped with four COB RGB LED modules of 30 watts each. Armed with LED technology, this fixture fights all the dark corners at your event or gig. Moreover, the COB technology ensures an even colour blend without colour shades. The built-in reflector neatly imitates traditional halogen lighting, making the beam seem even more intense.

Technology of the Powerpixel4-RGB

The Powerpixel4-RGB is fitted with four COB LED modules. Each module consists of a chip with tiny red, green and blue LED diodes. As these diodes are so close together, a homogenous colour blend is realised at the source. The 30-watt modules also produce a lot of light for an even greater effect cast into the room via each module's reflector.

Using the Powerpixel4RGB

A fixture like this one is usually accompanied by one or more of its brothers. You can get the most out of your light show by using several of these fixtures. Additionally, you can control the Powerpixel4-RGB via DMX, which gives you control over virtually all of its functions. Should you wish for something a little more straightforward, you can always set the effect to fixed mode, automatic colour change mode or music-controlled operation. Furthermore, you can easily daisy chain several of these fixtures and have them function in master/slave mode, for a fully synchronised light show.


Caractéristiques du produit

  • Nombre de canaux DMX 3, 4, 5, 6, 12, 15, 16
  • Couleurs de la source lumineuse rouge, vert, bleu
Adaptateur secteur prise de terre / à broches européenne

Poids et les dimensions sont indiqués avec l'emballage inclus

  • Poids (emballage inclus) 4,6 kg
  • Dimensions (emballage inclus) 44,0 x 15,0 x 18,0 cm


  • powerful LED fixture
  • fitted with 4 COB RGB LED modules
  • 4x 30-watt COB RGB LED module
  • with reflectors for a traditional look
  • smooth RGB colour blends without colour shadows
  • beam angle: 60 degrees
  • several operational modes: DMX, music-controlled, fixed, automatic, master/slave
  • DMX controls via several channels
  • music-controlled via built-in microphone
  • automatic mode with colour transitions and fixed colours
  • master/slave mode for synchronised light shows
  • fitted with a rugged mounting bracket
  • dimensions: 440 x 150 x 180 mm
  • weight: 4.6 kg


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